Saturday, October 24, 2009


Ok so I have been blogging  A LOT lately, but I figure this is my way of keeping a journal cuz heaven knows how bad I am at that!  I think my last journal entry was over a year ago!  

So if this blog were my journal, to day I would be writing this entry:

I got in to my elementary education program at BYU!!!

That's right! I am now officially on the road to being a teacher!  So, yeah, I'm a semester behind schedule, and yeah I am hopefully going to take another extra semester to do an internship, so I won't reeeally be a teacher for a while, but it still makes me feel so much more legit!  

Yay for me!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


So yesterday I came down with a bug of some sort that has given me a soar throat, stuffy nose, and never-ending cough.  Atleast it's not the swine flu right?  Anyways...I've been sitting in bed bored, and started looking though  pictures and videos of mine.  Here are a couple of my favorites that were on my computer.

This is when my brother Marcus and his 2 kids came to visit so he could go to the World Cup qualifier game.  We went up to Park City and rode on the coaster thing.  It was way fun, and I was the lucky one Will chose to ride with.  He was HILARIOUS and couldn't stop laughing the whole say saying "faster, faster!"  I MISS THEM SO MUCH!

This was when I went up to my Friend, Elora's, cabin in Island Park last fall.  I attempted to drive a dirt bike...this was my first and last attempt.

And, while I'm here, I figure I could put up a couple of recent pics!  This first is from last weekend when me and Brooke went to see Ingrid Michaelson at the Venue in Salt Lake.  I was so good, and one of my favorite concerts ever!  Yes, even better than the 17 million NSYNC or Backstreet Boys concerts of my childhood.

And this is me with my cute dad who took me to eat at La Caille for my 21st birthday.  It was so good, and I felt so special!

Monday, October 12, 2009


1.  the sound of autumn leaves crunching when i walk on them
2.  turning the clocks back one hour when day light savings time ends
3.  the way the air smells so crisp when i walk to school each morning
4.  when my roommate leaves me notes in the bathroom to find when i get ready
5.  good hair days
6.  perfectly polished toenails
7.  when i wear my roommates clothes
8.  getting hugs from my nieces and nephews
9.  coming home to a clean house
10. beautiful paintings
11.  going on quiet walks
12.  being with people who love me


Tuesday, October 6, 2009


With a title like that how can you resist reading this post eh!?!

Update on the life of Ali Sorensen:

This fall has marked the end of one big era in the life of a close friend.  My old jeep, who we named Bruiser.  He was a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee that lived under the care of my family for it's entire life (13 years/190,000 miles).  I spent so many good times in that car, and it was indeed good to me all throughout high school and the first two years of college.  You'll be missed 'ol pal!  

Bruiser going to that last oil change in the sky...

As for crime...

I just got done reading this book, and it was so good!  I am working at Seagull Book right now, and everyone I work with said I should read this book, and I had already listened to the first 3 chapters play over and over and over again on the stereo in our store, so I figured I would.  I finished it in about 2 and a half days (which for me is sayin something).  It's about a girl who's sister is killed in a car accident the same day her fiance disappears.  It starts 3 years after that when she is engaged again and weird things start happening.  You'll have to go to you're local Seagull Book to pick it up!

So I've covered cars and for computers!

I should get one of these because do you know what I did???  I have been living in my apartment with no internet except for when I steal my roommates "internet stick", as we call it.  But, today I went down into our basement and all by myself hooked up our router to my computer and I now have wireless internet!  Go me!

So those are the most exciting things that have happened to me thus far...and exciting they are indeed!  Try not to be jealous everyone!