Monday, May 31, 2010

My New Outfit

Trashy Diva dress (this brand makes you look FABULOUS!) I got from my favorite store called Lucille Elaine
Steve Madden's from. where else, Nordstrom!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dramatic Readings: By Ali & Elora

Soo...My friend and I had a great Friday night! We recorded ourselves performing dramatic readings and songs. I think we are hilarious, personally! But I will not put the songs on, I have a little more dignity than that!

This was our first attempt at the reading...


Here's attempt number 2...


Finally, we did it! Well, almost....


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's Been Going on With Ali?

I finished school on April 19 and it is so nice to be done...sort of. I am already back in school! I am taking statistics (hence the photo of a normal curve below) at the BYU Salt Lake center until I leave for London. This is my THIRD attempt at fulfilling the "Languages of Learning" requirement for my generals...that's right...THRID! I took stats when I was at UVU, and did SOOO bad that BYU didn't accept my credit! Embarrasing I know, I blame my teacher. Then, I tried taking Calculus instead, but after the first test...dropped that! So hopefully third times the charm! Maybe if it's my only class I will be able to get through...FINALLY!

I am working. That's what summer is now for! I am working at Pineae Grower's Outlet in Centerville. It is great, I get to be outside, and I am learning all about flowers! This is picture of peonies, they are one of my favorites! I work really hard about 5 or 6 days a week, but I am soo lucky to have a job for a couple of months to save money for London!

Now it's time for a game!

Can you figure out what this is a picture of???

How about if I zoom out a little?

Yup, you guessed it. I wrecked the car...again! But luckily this time it only involved the tiny driveway at my apartment instead of another car!

So here's the story...
I was headed to school one morning (back in April), and I was late, as usual, and in a hurry. Now, the driveway at my apartment was this tiny little thing shoved under our apartment. It took quite a bit of skill to get in and out of it. So there is this one little cement area that jets out as you are leaving. These things together can equal disaster. I was trying to maneauver my way out that morning, and thought that I was ok to go...but I wasn't. The side of my car scraped against the cement pokey thing and...eeek!
Well, I texted my dad when I got to school, because there was no hiding this. I decided to word it by saying, "Dad, I did something bad...prepare yourself." I then went to dance, and did not have my phone... When I came back I had about 6 messaged from my dad freaking out. "What happened?" "Why aren't you answering?" "Ali, you can't just say that and not answer!" "Are you ok?" and so on...
By the time I called him back after class he wasn't mad at all! He was starting to imaging the worst (you know, pregnancy, someone died, those sorts of things), and so my news didn't seem so bad anymore!

Maybe all these accidents are genetic, because this is what my mom did to her car today...