Sunday, June 28, 2009


Ok....WOW!  This summer has been so busy and I have neglected my blog for much too long!  For a little update, I went on vacation on a Caribbean Cruise and it was soo fun!  Then I started work for EFY as a counselor and it has been so great so far.  I have a week off this week (which will be very nice) then I will have two more weeks in Rexburg.  

Here are some fun pictures of what I have been doing with my time lately!

This is me and my friend Elora in Maegan's Bay in St. Thomas

Me in beautiful Bermuda

My EFY group from Rexburg.  We were called "In the Dark" but the kids liked to call themselves simply "Darkness" instead

Like my new frames???

My EFY group called "Might Be"  Sometimes also called "The Mighty Bee's"

"Until the End"  They never changed the name :)

Meeting up with old friends for a camp fire in Mueller Park!  So fun!

So far, my summer has been awesome!  I can't believe it's already almost July!  Before I know it I'll be back at school wondering where all the time went!  

PS - I just found out I am going to be an aunt again!  Congrats Nichole and Travis!!!