Friday, December 11, 2009


"Free Hugs"

People at BYU are weird. I see examples of this everyday. Why do they do these odd things that make me look at them like this...

The latest odd person I saw was when I was walking in front of the JFSB and I noticed some girl standing in the middle of the area with a sign. She looked like one of those people at the airport waiting to pick someone up. Then some other girl ran up and gave her a BIG hug and I thought "huh, that must be the name on the sign." Then i read the sign and it just said "Free Hugs" Who has time during finals week to think, "I'm gonna go stand outside in the 15 degree weather and see how many people are as weird as i am to hug a complete stranger"? I simply walked past trying to not make eye contact, hoping she would not attack me with hugs.

"Dino Museum"

For my physical science class we had the assignment to go to BYU's earth science museum. I think museum as to wrong word to describe it, however. It's more like some trailer-looking building in the parking lot across the street from the stadium. But, call me a loser if you want, I thought it was pretty awesome! They had a bunch of big fossils and little ones. They had triceritops, long-necks, some sloth thing, and others! Unfortunately I didn't get to stay long because they were closing and I needed to turn in my homework for it. Maybe I'll have to go again some day!

My roommate, Elora, drive this... (it's a stick, that's the important part here) and now so can I.

"Ewan McGregor"
I don't know what it is about this man, but for some reason every movie I make my roommate watch with me has him in it! Moulin Rouge, Angels & Demons, Down With Love, and it goes on... Maybe it's his charming good looks, or his angelic voice, or his irresistible accent. Who knows...but whatever it is, I seem to be drawn to his movies!